Factors to Consider When You Need a New Boiler

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Factors To Consider With A New Boiler

Boilers aren’t cheap. They also aren’t a homeowner’s favourite thing to spend their hard earned pennies on. Therefore, when you’re in need of a new boiler and considering your options, you need to be aware of the full facts. This is particularly true when it comes to new boiler finance; knowing how to get a boiler on finance, without any pitfalls is crucial.

Understanding Boiler Costs

When you start hunting for the best new boiler for you, you’ll quickly see that costs vary. Nonetheless, a new boiler is a costly investment. However we use the term ‘investment’ intentionally. You do need to view it as an investment. The better quality the boiler, the longer it will last and the more efficient it will be.

The costs involved with a new boiler installation consist of a few different components. The boiler itself will be more or less expensive depending on brand and size (capacity). You’ll also have to pay labour for a Gas Safe engineer to carry out the installation. If you have any further work which needs completing, such as installing or replacing radiators, or locating the boiler in a new site, then this will also affect the overall cost.

It can seem overwhelming when you first receive quotations for your new boiler. However, at Ecosafe we are able to provide you with a new boiler on finance. Our 0% scheme for new boiler finance means that you needn’t compromise getting the boiler you need, at a fair price, in a fair way.

Choosing an Installer

It is important to choose the right installer for your new boiler. You need a reputable company that comes recommended.  Hunt out testimonials and reviews so that you can get a feel for their reputation, especially in your local area.

It is vital to choose a company that uses Gas Safe registered and qualified engineers. They are the only engineers legally permitted to install new boilers. You should feel confident with the company at the quotation stage. They should communicate clearly and honestly. They should also be willing to provide you with the advice you need to make the best decision.

When comparing quotations, make sure that you are comparing ‘like for like’. For example, a Worcester Bosch or Valliant boiler comes with a higher price tag than other brands, but you can expect this to be reflected in build quality and its overall efficiency.

Furthermore, if you’re unsure what you need, then don’t be afraid to ask the company to come out and examine your home and discuss your needs. You should be able to benefit from their knowledge and experience regarding which boiler is best for you. This is particularly beneficial if you are considering changing the site of your boiler as their advice will be invaluable.

Choosing the Boiler

Not all boilers are created equally. For this reason, we only install Worcester Bosch and Valliant boilers. These are the only two brands that we are happy to combine with the Ecosafe name. These boilers consistently rate highly on Which, topping the tables for both customer’s and engineer’s favourites.

The particular boiler you need will depend on your usage patterns and the size of your property and household. A qualified Gas Safe engineer can help your understand which is the right boiler to choose for your home.

There are also three different types of boiler to be aware of. These are combination (combi) boilers, heat only (conventional) boilers using a separate hot water tank, and system boilers. Most households are best suited to a combi boiler. Again, your heating engineer can provide the advice you need to make the right choice. You want to consider a cost-effective option both now, and in terms of the boiler’s efficiency.

The Installation

Once you’ve chosen the boiler, booked the engineers, and arranged your new boiler finance if necessary, it’s useful to know what to expect in terms of installation itself.

There will be some disruption, but with the right boiler provider, this should be minimised and contained to just a few hours. You should expect things to be cleaned up once the installation is complete. You should also expect the engineer to explain the workings of your new boiler to you.

Arrange a discussion about your new boiler, including getting a new boiler on finance, by calling us on 0333 939 0161.

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