Boiler Service

It is strongly recommended to ensure your boiler is as efficient and cost-effective as possible, is to service your boiler annually.

Domestic Boiler Service

When we carry out the work, it is our responsibility to look at all the working parts and check them for wear and tear or damage. Boilers are hard-working machines that need a service to keeping working as hard as they do - much like your car.

Our focus is on safety and efficiency. Therefore, like your mechanic goes under the hood of your car, our Gas Safe Registered engineers take a look inside the casing of the boiler. We will check:

  • That there is correct gas and pressure flow.
  • The combustion of air and gas is appropriate and safe.
  • All electrical connections are in good working order.
  • That key components such as fans are operating effectively.
  • All seals are complete and undamaged.
  • All electrodes are in safe and operational condition.
  • That your boiler is safe.
  • That pipes out of the boiler are clear.

We will also clean the internal workings and casing of the boiler, including checking for debris and lime scale, before sealing the casing once more.

Service Your Boiler to Prolong Its Life

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Regularly servicing your boiler can prolong its life-span

At Ecosafe, we believe that you should be able to enjoy the full life of your boiler without any nasty preventable surprises. Therefore, our engineers view a domestic boiler service as essential for preventing costly problems and keeping your boiler working safely.

If our engineer spots a problem, the work can be booked in without it becoming an emergency.

Here we have an article explaining why and how often should you service your boiler.

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We are local Gas Safe Registered engineers who are committed to ensuring you receive an exceptional standard of professionalism when we service your boiler. It is essential to choose Gas Safe Registered engineers who are qualified to work with your boiler and any other gas appliances.

By choosing Ecosafe you can rest assured that you’re choosing a locally reputable company covering Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and the surrounding areas of Christchurch, Ferndown, Verwood, Wimborne and Ringwood.

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You should service your boiler annually, either as part of your boiler service plan, or by arranging it directly with us. We offer a wide range of Care Service Plans starting with our boiler service only option. Alternatively, please call us on 0333 939 0161 to book your annual domestic boiler service.