Gas Safe Registered Engineers

All Ecosafe engineers are Gas Safe registered. We are a Gas Safe registered business. This gives you peace of mind that your home improvements and repairs are undertaken safely and legally.

What is a Gas Safe Registered Engineer?

The Gas Safe Register is the official gas registration body in the country which replaced CORGI. By law, an engineer carrying out gas work (repairs, maintenance or new installations) must be on the Gas Safe Register. The Register acts as a licensing body. Only engineers listed on the register can legally undertake work involving gas.

Ecosafe Are Gas Safe Registered Engineers

All our engineers are fully registered and gas safe

What’s important to realise is that a business can be registered on the Gas Safe Register without all of its engineers being individually registered. At Ecosafe, each of our engineers is individually Gas Safe registered. You can check an individual’s ID card to be reassured that the individual themselves is registered.

The Gas Safe Register ensures that registered gas engineers have demonstrated their competence.

What Does it Mean to be Gas Safe Registered?

A registered engineer comes with certain assurances. Before an individual can apply to join the Register, they have to provide evidence of their competence to work safely with gas. This is done by looking at their relevant qualifications and ensuring they have the relevant experience to undergo assessment. These qualifications include:

  • The Nationally Accredited Certification Scheme (ACS)
  • National Vocational Qualifications (NVQ) in gas services
  • Qualification Credit Framework (QCF)

In order to be registered the qualifications must not only be relevant but obtained to a required standard, and recent.

When businesses and individuals first apply to become Gas Safe registered they are given ‘probationary registration’. This is full registration but comes with additional requirements for the duration of the probationary period (three months).

Gas Safe registration lasts for a year at a time and must therefore be renewed annually.

Where Can You Find a Reputable Plumber?

All Ecosafe engineers are Gas Safe – you can check the Gas Register here. Call us on 033 939 0161to arrange a call out with your local Gas Safe Registered plumber. Alternatively, you can find out more about engineers and plumbers, and the services they offer, by clicking on your area below:

When Do You Need To Use a Registered Engineer?

Ecosafe comply with the strictest of plumbing and heating standards

Understandably, gas appliances such as boilers, are daunting. If in any doubt, you should use a professional engineer. Legally, ‘work in relation to gas-fitting’ must be carried out by a competent and Gas Safe registered engineer. This covers the vast majority of gas and gas appliance work that you will need doing including maintenance, connecting and disconnecting, servicing, adjusting (permanently), repairing, changing an appliance’s position, removing an appliance, replacing a fitting, or purging an appliance or system of air or gas.

Generally speaking, the only tasks that you can undertake for yourself are those which aren’t going to disturb the gas or the combustion process. These are generally the tasks outlined within your appliance user manual, for example the booklet you receive with a new boiler. These tasks may include how to make small adjustments in the settings, or how to replace a component such as a cooker control knob. To do anything else is both illegal and dangerous.

Additionally, you also need to consider how you are accessing part of an appliance to undertake these tasks. If you need to remove the integral casing on a boiler for example which will involve unscrewing it, you shouldn’t. This is illegal and should only be done safely by a Gas Safe engineer.

Why You Should Use a Gas Safe Plumber

Using a Gas Safe plumber isn’t only about legalities. By choosing a plumber from Ecosafe you can be sure that you’re getting reassurance and peace of mind with an exceptional standard of work. Our local Gas Safe registered engineers are diligent and friendly, experienced and highly qualified. For any gas work you need doing use an Ecosafe engineer by calling 0333 939 0161.