5 Top Tips for Beating the Cold this Winter

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5 Top Tips For Staying Warm This Winter

We’ve been lucky with a roasting summer followed by a mild autumn, but now there’s a chill in the air and it’s taking us all by surprise. Whether you’re simply after a way to keep the bite of cold away from your home, or you actively want to save some pennies while staying warm, you need the best advice. Get your winter warmers sorted with our five top tips for staying warm this winter.

  1. Prioritise your boiler

Really, the single biggest thing you can do to stay warm this winter is to give your boiler some TLC. It works hard and there are a large number of working parts that need maintenance.

A boiler breakdown isn’t much fun at any time of year, but in winter, it’s particularly dismal news. No one wants to wash in cold water or be stuck with only hot water bottles for warmth.

Breakdowns aside, boilers that are regularly serviced are more efficient than those that aren’t. They are also less likely to have any significant problems.

If you haven’t had your annual boiler service recently, get one booked in now. That way, your boiler will be in the best shape for its workhorse life over the coming months.

  1. Give your condensate pipe a blanket

Most condensate pipes are situated on the outside wall of the property. One of the simplest ways to solve heating problems, which arises in the winter, is this little pipe getting frozen. It’s so simple, yet can cause real headaches.

You can prevent this from happening by insulating the condensate pipe. Then, even if the temperature outside drops below freezing, your boiler will continue working with no problems.

Pipe insulation is relatively cheap as well as being easy to fit.

  1. Curtains aren’t just for the dark

When the sun is shining into a room, let it do so. You’re getting heat for free.

However, as soon as it gets dark, or if a room is particularly draughty, shut the curtains. Curtains acts as a layer of insulation and an aesthetically nice draught excluder.

Not only that, they prevent the warm air from your radiators leaking out through the windows too.

For a similar reason, it’s worth moving furniture away from radiators over winter as you’ll maximise the warmth they provide.

  1. Use timers and the thermostat to your advantage

In an effort to save money, there’s a temptation to only put the heating on once you become cold. However, this is a false economy. When this happens, there’s a temptation to crank up the thermostat and blast heat into the house out of desperation and numb fingers.

Instead, use a timer to switch your heating on a little in advance of when you will need it. Typical points are 30 minutes before you wake up and 30 minutes before you come home. You can then leave your thermostat set at a constant amount without constantly getting either too hot or too cold.

Timers and thermostats really are weapons for beating wasted pennies and the cold.

  1. Get crafty with the draughts

The draughts are the enemy of heat. They are constantly undermining your efforts to keep things toasty. Therefore have a think about where the draughts are coming in and work to exclude them.

Common problem areas are around windows and doors. You can use tape to seal the gaps and use draught excluders for the doors. Encourage children to close doors, particularly external ones.

You can also make things toasty by having fleecy blankets and plenty of soft furnishings such as cushions. This way you’ll always be snug and warm.

We can’t reiterate enough, though, that your boiler really is at the heart of the heat solution. It’s got a tough few months ahead, so book in time for a service now to avoid any nasty surprises. Call us to arrange your boiler service on 0333 939 0161.

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