Spring Energy Saving Ideas

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Spring Energy Saving Ideas

With the spring flowers finally poking up after a cold winter we’re all able to turn the heating down and find the motivation to reduce energy in our home. It’s worth doing because if you can keep your energy bills down in the spring and summer months then you’ll benefit in terms of your annual average fuel consumption. However many of us aren’t sure where to start with how to save energy at home. Don’t worry, we’ve got the best energy saving ideas for you all in one place.

8 energy saving tips

  1. Hang up the laundry!

If you’ve been reliant on the tumble dryer, or even the radiators, for drying clothes over the winter, then spring is the time to ring the changes. Get your routine sorted so that you can hang laundry out to dry on the line and in so doing, save on your electricity or heating bills. Laundry dried on the line also benefits from feeling fresher and your whites being whiter thanks to the sun!

  1. Turn down the thermostat

Even if you’re not ready to switch the heating off for good, don’t leave your thermostat on the same setting you had it in the depths of winter. Chances are you can easily knock a degree or two off your thermostat setting and not feel the difference. By turning it down just one degree, you could save £85 a year or 10% of your heating bill.

  1. Give your system some TLC

The boiler is the workhorse of the home. It’s had a tough run this winter. If you want it to run efficiently and stand you in good stead for next winter, then spring is the ideal time to book your boiler in for a service and make sure it’s running as well as it should.

Now is also the time to fix any pesky repairs which could become more problematic if they leave you without heating come the colder months. If you’re looking at a new boiler this year, then spring and summer will result in the least inconvenience and disruption for you.

  1. Hop in the shower

Long, indulgent soaks in the tub are often exactly what we need on a cold winter’s evening, but now that spring is here, a top energy-saving idea is simply to shower instead of taking baths. Baths use a great deal of energy to heat all that water. A quick shower will leave you feeling invigorated ready for a spring day anyway.

  1. Do a sun dance

Ok, well perhaps not. However, make the most of the sunny weather by harnessing its heat in the home. Let the sunlight stream through windows to take the edge off chilly spring mornings, and get out in it when you can. What’s more, switch off the lights and use natural light instead. Longer days mean it’s time to change your automatic switches. If you really want to take energy saving to the next level, then you could even consider solar heating or power.

  1. Cool down sensibly

We’re never quite satisfied: too cold in winter, too hot in summer. Often we replace our heating with letting our homes get too warm and then resorting to costly fans or air conditioners to get the temperature back down. Instead, open windows in cooler evenings and on very hot days shut curtains and windows to keep the heat out.

  1. Do a lightbulb check

Spring is a perfect time to see if there are any bulbs in your home, which could be replaced with energy saving equivalents. These bulbs are known for taking a little longer to get up to full brightness, but with the longer spring daylight, this won’t be a problem.

  1. Plug the gaps

If you didn’t fancy getting up in the loft to lay insulation in the winter, or you noticed a door was particularly draughty, or a window needs some TLC, now is the time to do it. Invest in insulating your home and it’ll pay you back in lower energy bills.

To arrange for your spring service of your boiler call 0333 939 0161 – it’s one of the best energy saving ideas there is.

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