What to Expect During a New Gas Boiler Installation

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What to Expect During a New Gas Boiler Installation

Gas boiler installation may not be the most exciting house expenditure, but it is a major one. We know you therefore have questions. What level of upheaval will you experience? What will happen during the new boiler installation? What benefits are there to gas boiler installation which you should expect afterwards?

Before the Gas Boiler Installation

Before the installation even happens, there are a number of steps to go through. You may be at this point because you’re replacing an old heating-only boiler. You may be here because you’ve just been put on mains gas. You may have had a tough time with repeated boiler breakdowns.

It’s important to look upon the new boiler installation as a fresh start. There should be a clean slate. This means you don’t necessarily have to do things the way they were before. You can choose a different type of boiler for example, or even position it in a different location.

It’s best to discuss these issues with a boiler expert. They can explain different options to you and ensure you make the right choices. It’s also important to use the expertise of a Gas Safe engineer to help you choose the right new boiler installation, such as the number of radiators you have, or the position of the flue.

The Right Engineers for the Job

It is critical that you understand that only Gas Safe engineers are able to install a new boiler. This is a specialised job which needs to be done safely. At Ecosafe, we only use Gas Safe engineers, and you can check this by asking to see their badge when they arrive.

The Day of New Boiler Installation

Once the day has arrived, you will need to prepare yourself for a little disruption.

Ecosafe engineers turn up with everything they need to install your new boiler, on the date we have agreed with you.

It’s best to be present to allow access and to be on hand to answer any questions. Our engineer will then talk you through what to expect during the day. You won’t need to be present for the entire installation period if you don’t wish.

Depending on the size of the boiler and any additional works required, you can expect it to take between a few hours and most of a day. Some more complex jobs take longer.

It’s important to be back at your property when installation is completed so that it can be explained to you.

Excellent boiler installers are keen to minimise the disruption to you and your home. Therefore, they will lay down protective covering to keep any mess to a minimum.

In addition to the installation, your engineer may carry out a ‘power flush’. This is a pressurised clean of the entire central heating system to ensure it is clean.

The Gas Safe engineer carries out certain checks and procedures both during installation and once it is complete. This ensures the new boiler is working exactly as it should.

The engineer then clean up before explaining to you how the new boiler works, as well as any maintenance advice you need to be aware of. They will show you the controls and give you the manual.

After New Boiler Installation

If you’ve chosen a reputable business, such as Ecosafe, you should retain the peace of mind of a new boiler for years to come. At Ecosafe, all of our new boilers are guaranteed for 10 years. This is important so that you know you’re getting exceptional value for money and reliability.

It’s also important, to keep your boiler in good condition, that you service it annually. We offer various different care plans which include annual servicing. You can ask the engineer who installs your boiler for more information about these, if you wish. Through regular servicing, you’ll ensure your boiler remains efficient for as long as possible.

Arrange Your New Boiler Installation

If you’re ready to arrange your new boiler installation, get in touch on 0333 939 0161.

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