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Worcester Bosch rank consistently highly as the best boilers available on the market. According to Which?, it is Worcester Bosch which takes all the top accolades. Furthermore, they are the consumer’s favourite brand, with a 92% approval rating and the most recommended boiler according to engineers.

We are Worcester Bosch accredited installers precisely because we believe that you’ll always get a reliable boiler when you choose this brand.

In short, if you want to choose a brand name you can trust for a reliable boiler, then Worcester Bosch is the one to look for.

However, is it just hype and excellent marketing, or are Worcester Bosch boilers really the best?

Worcester Bosch – Market Leaders

You don’t become market leaders in the boiler industry by marketing alone. Your products really need to deliver. Yes, Worcester Bosch installers are the busiest of the bunch, but there are good reasons for this.

When you consider a new boiler you need to consider three key factors:

  • Value for money: Both in terms of the initial outlay and ongoing utility bills and maintenance.
  • Type of boiler: You need to know you are choosing the right boiler for your needs.
  • Installer: You need to choose a Gas Safe engineer who is specialised, for example, a Worcester Bosch accredited installer.

As you start to look around your different options, you’ll find the Worcester Bosch name coming up again and again, and with it highly supportive Worcester Bosch installers. Installers love Worcester Bosch because they know they are providing their customers with the best value for money, reliability and the most appropriate choice.

Let’s take a look at the factors that really make Worcester Bosch stand out from the crowd.

  • They are reliable

Worcester Bosch have built their reputation on reliability. They are here to stay and as such want to deliver boilers which are reliable and which are manufactured using high-quality components.

With these boilers, you can sit back and relax, bar an annual service, and know your boiler will take care of heating your home and hot water.

We are so confident in Worcester Bosch reliability that, as Worcester Bosch accredited installers, we cover all new boilers with our 10 year guarantee. You don’t get more peace of mind than that!

  • They offer real choice

When you choose a Worcester Bosch boiler you aren’t forced to compromise or make do. Their range is so diverse that you will find exactly the right type and size of boiler, whatever your home and usage behaviour. You can even choose from ultra-compact options which take up very minimal space.

  • Their guarantee is outstanding

As trusted boiler engineers in the South West, we are highly familiar with the different brands of boilers and their guarantees. We can, hand on heart say that the guarantee most worth its salt is that offered by Worcester Bosch.

Typically, boiler warranties and guarantees have notable exclusions which leave engineers like us getting homeowners out of a jam. Worcester Bosch is far more comprehensive and fair.

  • They have accredited engineers

It’s fair enough that Worcester Bosch is proud of their product and therefore they choose Worcester Bosch accredited installers to install their boilers. This means, Gas Safe engineers like those at Ecosafe are highly knowledgeable and experienced with the full range of Worcester Bosch boilers. This offers you real customer service satisfaction.

  • Parts are easily available

Boilers are hard working machines. Therefore, at times, parts will need replacing as part of the understandable wear and tear. Being a huge name with an enormous UK presence, with Worcester Bosch you can always be sure that replacement parts are affordable and not hard to obtain. In fact, many of the parts are manufactured right here in the UK!

Choosing a Worcester Bosch Boiler

Worcester Bosch offer unrivalled reliability, value and are long-lasting. If you want reassurance, then this is the boiler name to trust. Combine this with the expert skills and knowledge of a Worcester Bosch accredited installer and you’ll be making the most sensible choice.

Find out more about our Worcester Bosch boiler installation here or call us on 0333 939 0161 to discuss your requirements.

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