Why Vaillant is one of the Most Popular Boiler Brands in the UK

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At Ecosafe, we have our favourites. In fact, we’re so happy to stand by our favourites that they are the only types of boilers we’ll put our name to and install – Vaillant and Worcester Bosch.

There are good reasons for this. Not all boiler manufacturers are equal. At Ecosafe, we are Vaillant accredited installers. Let’s explain why Vaillant is so popular.

The Facts about Vaillant Boilers

Let’s face it – boilers aren’t the most exciting things. However, they are the Trojans of your home. Without a strong boiler you run into problems which aren’t just uncomfortable (no heating and no hot water), but expensive and disruptive too.

This is why we urge our customers to get some understanding of how a boiler works and what differentiates one from another. You need:

  • Cost-effectiveness (of installation and running costs).
  • Reliability.
  • Suitability for your home and needs.
  • Energy efficiency.

The Vaillant Group make a broad range of boilers which can cater for different domestic and corporate environments that meet all of these needs and more. They have over 140 years’ experience in the industry. With German engineering, they are focused on creating boilers which are capable of being the workhorse of the home, whilst meeting stringent energy-saving.

As Vaillant installers we are proud to continue building their reputation. We love their innovation and their solutions. In fact, Vaillant boilers are so popular in the UK that they are usually listed in the Top 3 Which? rated boilers. Currently, in 2018, they are ranked second most preferred boiler for installers, and third for customers. Needless to say, they really are popular.

Why are Vaillant Boilers so Popular?

As a Vaillant accredited installer, we see daily why Vaillant boilers are so popular. They are a leading brand, focused on continuously striving for energy efficiency and use of renewable technology, along with low emissions. This is hugely refreshing to see in boiler manufacturers. These features lower your heating and hot water bills, whilst improving your carbon footprint. At Ecosafe, we call it a win-win situation.

Then there is quality. We frequently ‘pick up the pieces’ of poor quality boilers. We’re often working tirelessly to help customers who have these types of boiler that regularly breaks down. You simply don’t get this with Vaillant boilers.

This is because, as Vaillant state:

“Every product developed by Vaillant is routinely subjected to rigorous materials analysis, robustness testing, lifetime testing and acoustics analysis.”

Their four different types of combi boilers, suited to the complete spectrum of sizes of homes, are all top of their field for quality. This is backed up by the various 2-5 year guarantees offered by Vaillant for all new boilers.

However, as a Vaillant accredited installer, we can offer you a 10 year guarantee on all Vaillant boilers installed by us. We’re comfortable offering this as we know just how reliable these boilers are and the standard of our work.  

Ecosafe Vaillant Installers

We are proud to be a Vaillant accredited installer. You can find out more about our Vaillant boilers here.

To find the most suited boiler for your home, use our Get a Quote feature. Alternatively, you can reach us on To find out more about why we recommend Vaillant boilers and why we’ve chosen to be a Vaillant accredited installer, call on 0333 939 0161.

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